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GSMS WaveMakers



Mary Nell Strong

Position: Bookkeeper
Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Mary Nell’s commitment to GSMS students and staff goes far beyond keeping the books and funds in order. She is always ready and willing to support and serve everyone around her. She helps plan, setup, take down, and pull off a variety of school events. She keeps all of us in order with our funding, paperwork, receipting, and lists. Her problem-solving skills are second to none, and she is always ready to help calm you down, think through a situation, and find a solution. We always appreciate her kindness and know our school would not run smoothly without her!
~Brittney Reeves ~ Middle School Instructional Coach, GSCS After School Program Director



Position: System Technician
Why I'm a WaveMaker: 

Evan Summers-Jones is exceptional at trouble shooting the day -to-day issues that arise for both students and teachers with all electronic devices. He is often in demand and yet maintains a calm, sprinkled with a bit of humor. He is always helpful. He's been shifted from place to place in the building and across the system, and always adjusts. He makes everyone's day flow better with his diverse knowledge and skills with technology. He is kindhearted and does his best to make us all equipped to do our jobs using the best of technology.
~Sherry Butler ~ Social Studies Teacher


Angela Kirby

Position: 6th Grade Math Teacher
Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Angela Kirby does an amazing job teaching math to 6th grade students. She teaches both regular and advanced math classes and students are consistently telling me how much they like her. I have had the opportunity to observe her teaching and students are consistently engaged in lessons and applying new skills.
~Stephanie Monitel ~ English Language Learner

Mrs. Kirby is a great example of what a teacher should be like. Mrs. Kirby is always teaching. If your ever go by her room she is up and teaching full speed. Her classes are so focused and paying attention. She is well organized and prepared for her classes. Her students are always bragging on her about how good of a teacher she is. She always supports our Athletic teams too. She absolutely loves her profession and definitely makes a difference here at Gulf Shores Middle School. EVERY school needs an Angle Kirby on their staff!
~ Lee Vinson ~ PTI Intervention

Marcella Miles

Position: Head Custodian

Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Marcella works extremely hard every day to ensure GSMS is clean and beautiful every single day. She is always smiling, checking on others, and offering assistance. Her efforts ensure students and teachers have a healthy learning environment!
~ Brittney Reeves - Instructional Coach~



Lucy Cortes

Grade Level: 8th Grade
Area of Recognition: Respect and Friendliness
Why I'm a WaveMaker: 
Lucy Cortes is a strong student athlete. I've taught her for three years and she does what she is supposed to without flash or fanfare. She has been in class with big personalities where the learning atmosphere can be commandeered by students who are not interested in learning. Some students encourage this behavior in others by laughing or participating. Not Lucy, she maintains her focus and tries to maintain an environment conducive to learning. This shows the ultimate respect for classmates as they are present to learn. Her behavior quietly redirects others to what is in their best interest. It is also respectful to whomever is leading the class.
~Shery Butler - Social Studies Teacher~


Major Hudspeth

Grade Level: 6th Grade
Area of Recognition: Character and Achievement
Why I'm a WaveMaker:  Major is a leader is all aspects. He sets a great example in doing whats right. Many students look up to him and follow his positive lead. He also works hard at studying and performing a thorough job with any assignment given. He is an ideal student!
~Julie Rosado - Grade 6 Science Teacher~


Alexi "Lex" Schneider

Grade Level: 7th Grade
Area of Recognition: Impeccable Character
Why I'm a WaveMaker:  Lex Schneider defies all stereotypes, and is held in high esteem by her peers. Although humble about her brilliance, Lex is oft the first to complete an assignment and with every i dotted and t crossed. She comes to class with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Her peers look to her for judgement when something is in question because as they tell it, "Lex is not the kind of person that would ever lie." When she is not writing for journalism class or Dolphin News or studying for her line up of advanced classes, you can find her performing percussion with the GSMS band or skateboarding in the park. To say the least, Lex leads by example.
~Anthony Schaff - Grade 7 Science Teacher~


Rosser "Price" Stephens

Grade Level: 8th Grade
Area of Recognition: Scholastic Efforts
Why I'm a WaveMaker: Price is a positive student who is well liked by peers. He is an athlete and not only physically strong, but emotionally strong being able to rise above antics and give his best. He is one of the most polite individuals in our school, and his work effort is excellent. He truly listens and completes his work beyond expectations. He is a great role model for his peers, and he doesn't even realize he is because he just goes about doing what's right in a way that is honoring to everyone as part of his character and upbringing. He loves to learn and it shows. Great kid in every way.
~ Sherry Butler - Social Studies Teacher ~