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Our School

Why Gulf Shores Middle School?

Gulf Shores Middle School is the middle school serving Gulf Shores City Schools. We serve early adolescents at the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade level throughout Gulf Shores. Our goal is to transition students into secondary education through rigorous courses, club and athletic opportunities, and meaningful learning experiences. We want our students to blossom into well-rounded, involved citizens.

Gulf Shores Middle School is designed to meet the academic and social needs of the young adolescent.  We foster academic success through carefully orchestrated programs that reflect the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of young adolescents.   We recognize that 10 to 14 year olds are developmentally poised for significant intellectual growth and are cognitively ready for high-level academic challenges.  We also recognize, however,  that this can be best achieved  in a safe and inviting environment that supports the significant changes in the physical development and social behavior, as well as rapid development in the emotional intelligence of our students. Flexible and varied instruction, individualized learning, and collaborative, cross-disciplinary approaches are utilized in a facility designed for this age group. Our teachers and students share ownership of learning in the classroom, team teaching, integrated studies, learning projects, and after-school activities and through annual outdoor educational experiences. integrated studies, learning projects.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Gulf Shores Middle School is to provide engaging learning environments, rigorous academics, and the incorporation of the unique resources of our community to empower all students to achieve success.

GSMS realizes that all learners need to be rigorously challenged; that all learners need to be empowered with both the basic skills and the critical thinking ability that will enable them to become productive contributing members of a racially and culturally diverse, yet increasingly interdependent, world.

Our school values both individual effort and group cooperation.

Our school needs to be a safe, caring place of learning; a place that recognizes the unique value of each person who studies or works in our midst.

We want to build and continually nurture a school climate that recognizes the importance of serious work and fun too; a school climate that delights in the wonder, energy, and excitement of students in the middle grades of their public education.