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Advanced Classes

Students are identified for Advanced classes based on the most current/available ACT Aspire scores, current year first semester grades, Benchmark, and/or other screening tools. The Advanced middle school courses are intended to be a preparation for higher-level high school classes (i.e., Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, etc.) and to give students the opportunity to experience a more challenging curriculum before the transition to high school. Teachers teaching advanced classes are trained in Laying the Foundation or Springboard.

Parent letters for Advanced classes are given to identified students to be taken home, signed by parents, and returned late in the second semester. When you receive these, please return by the end of the school year. No student will be placed in an Advanced class without a signed parent letter.

Students taking Advanced classes, particularly more than one at a time, should understand that the rigor and pace will be a challenge; therefore, the decision to take Advanced classes must be given careful consideration by both the student and the parent.

Parents need to be aware that GSMS teachers and counselors do not make recommendations about which Advanced classes a rising 6th, 7th or rising 8th grader should take. We are only identifying students who met the criteria set by the central office. The criteria for Advanced classes includes first semester grades only. Third quarter and current grades are not considered, so students and parents need to keep this in mind.

6th, 7th and 8th grade students may be identified as meeting the criteria for Advanced classes, but this does not necessarily mean that they have the motivation and discipline to be successful. Also, parents should be aware that some students may not be suited for taking multiple Advanced classes due to the work load.