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Student Government Association

Club Description:
If you really want to be involved in your middle school community and plan important events like dances, pep rallies, etc, consider running for student government (also known as student council in some schools).  You will probably be involved in planning and executing events related to your class, giving you some great project management experience and allowing you to become very connected with your fellow classmates. 

The S.G.A. is an organization of students committed to maintain laws of good order; to maintain high standards of cooperation, loyalty and fair play; to set high standards of citizenship; and to encourage the support of all forms of student activities. Furthermore, the S.G.A. organizes, promotes, and supervises school elections; assists in honor roll and other special assemblies; sponsors and supervises drives and campaigns; and originates policies in the areas of student activities which make more wholesome school citizenship. S.G.A. officers are chosen by school-wide election. Officers must maintain upstanding grades and behavior. Anyone is eligible to be a representative if he/she is elected and meets the academic and behavioral criteria. S.G.A. sponsors may replace representatives who are not adequately functioning within the organization.

Applications are available after Labor Day. Meetings begin after the SGA is accepted.

Club Information:
Julie Rosado
Meetings: Every other Thursday at 7:30am in her room