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Eight Houses: Positive Encouragement



We had so much fun celebrating World Dream Day today! This day is a great reminder to dream big dreams so we can make positive changes in our lives and in the world.


The House of Sollevare put together a great National Day of Encouragement! They created uplifting messages and gave them to fellow students/teachers and put them around the hall. House members Emily and Alex made a school-wide announcement about how to celebrate the day. Other house members even showed up in yellow to support. It truly is 8 Houses...One GSMS!


National Day of Encouragement! Sollevare, the House of Upliftment, is so excited to celebrate this day and uplift the people around us. The members of the House of Sollevare will be wearing their yellow tomorrow to celebrate so join us and wear something yellow or gold. Tomorrow make sure to give a high five to someone and cheer them on, take notice when a friend is getting close to a hard-earned goal, or give a call or text to someone telling them they are doing a great job. It is the little things that matter so make sure you let your people know you're there cheering them on!


Take a look at the current house standings! The House of Friendship is currently in first place. Teachers have the ability to give points to any student or a house as a whole. From art competitions winners to the kind student who takes a moment to help someone else out, everyone has the ability to earn a point and get recognized for their awesomeness! We’re loving the excitement from the students about our new house system and can’t wait to see all the great things that are going to happen this year.


Sollevare, the House of Uplifting, achieved a jaw-dropping almost 70% PERFECT ATTENDANCE throughout the entire month of August! Can you believe it? We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that Sollevare emerged as the TOP house in attendance for August!

Hats off to each and every one of you who made this incredible feat possible! Your commitment, dedication, and understanding of the true importance of showing up have truly paid off! Whether it's the early morning classes, the after-school clubs, or the engaging house events, you've shown that you're not just students – you're shining examples of perseverance and unity!

Let's take a moment to celebrate not just the numbers, but the SPIRIT that lies behind them. It's about fostering a sense of community, encouraging each other to succeed, and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve TOGETHER! So, here's to the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the unbreakable bonds we've formed, and the vibrant energy that defines House Sollevare! Let's keep this momentum going and make September an even more remarkable month! Remember, every day is a chance to learn, grow, and make a positive impact!


School Leaderboard in August.