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What do the Eight Houses represent?

















ALTRUISMO - The House of Givers - This special group is known for striking a balance between bold strength and altruistic giving — a team that knows that real power comes not from looking out for yourself but from empowering others. They care deeply about lifting others up, but they also maintain a fiercely competitive spirit and pride. Historically, the House has been known for its smart and driven students, and Altruismo has produced more valedictorians per class to this day. Its members have been very involved in every club, committee, or activity that a school offers. Therefore, Altruismo takes great pride in being a cultivator of real leadership and instills a strong spirit within new members to grow into and live up to this legacy.

AMISTAD - The House of Friendship - Incoming members are often a mix of extremes — our students can be extremely intelligent, creative, friendly, and competitive; Amistad is a very diverse group! Although it took the House 8 years to win its first house championship, the fierce spirit of the House never wavered. The House takes great inspiration from its symbolic animal, the immortal peacock, and the leaders always remind the members that the fighting spirit of an Amistadian never dies. Members of our House are consistently challenged to self-reflect because we believe that “Once the peacock finds its feathers, it discovers who it really is.” Therefore, the encouragement is for each student to find their own feathers and step into their greatness. While some students may enter the House lacking confidence, they will learn to embrace their authentic selves and master the gifts, talents, and virtues of an Amistadian. Once this milestone occurs, a student may earn the highest honor of the House, knighthood. As a knight, they are fierce warriors, protectors of the realm, and guardians of the kingdom’s most valuable treasure, friendship.

RÊVEUR - The House of Dreamers - Rêveur is the natural rival of Altruismo, because in the early days of the House Championships, Altruismo beat Rêveur by a single point, and they held a winning streak over them for three years. In 2011-2012 school year, the wheel did not sort very many students into Rêveur, and so it became the smallest of the four Houses. But the staff House Leader, Ron Clark, rallied the students together and told them: “This year, because our House is smaller, we each have to be bigger. We each have to multiply ourselves this year!” And that was the year that Rêveur, despite being the smallest House, went on to win its first championship. This legend is now passed down to remind students that the size of the House is not as important as the size of the hearts and efforts of its members.

ISIBINDI - The House of Courage - The dichotomy of sharing symbolic animals between the gentle and beautiful swan and the proud and courageous lion is what makes Isibindi so unique. It is a House that inherits the legend and influence of both Shaka Zulu as well as Nelson Mandela. It is a House that knows when to be strategic and creative, or when to pull back and be reserved, but also when to go full force with power and strength. This is why Isibindi welcomes creative and quiet kids and turns them into leaders over time. They learn that, like the mute swan, their quiet creativity can be harnessed to speak volumes in its own way.

SOLLEVARE - The House of Uplifting - New members have a spark of creativity — even if it is only a dim spark in the beginning, they will grow to have a great fire of creativity as they continue on! This is because it takes great creativity to see the ability to rise above in any circumstance; being able to lift others up means seeing past the current problem, and thinking ahead about the next step. All of these things together are why the House of Sollevare takes inspiration from the Phoenix as their symbolic animal. The Phoenix is a powerful creature who is able to rise up from the fire and ashes, reborn into an even greater being because it has learned from its mistakes or sacrifices. Full of ancient power and wisdom, the Phoenix reminds the members of the House not only that it is their duty to rise up from the ashes, but also their duty to help others do the same. Because when we uplift everyone around us, we uplift and create a better world for us all.

NUKUMORI - The House of Kindess - Incoming members have a heart of kindness — even if they do not even see it within themselves in the beginning! That is because they learn that the great level of kindness that they must extend to all others grows over time to become a more full and beautiful character trait. This is why they take great inspiration from the symbol of the cherry blossom: it reminds the members of the House that kindness must be grown and cared for like a delicate flower, until it blossoms into the most beautiful flower in the entire garden. But kindness does not necessarily mean meekness or timidity. Kindness means stepping in and defending others, taking care of them and seeking what is best for others as well as ourselves. This is why the dragon is Nukumori’s symbolic animal. Filled with ancient power and wisdom, it is fierce when the time calls.

PROTOS - The House of Success - Protos knows that wisdom and knowledge will be the strength that will guide them towards academic success. They pursue wisdom in everything that they do. This is why the scroll is on top of a shield in the center of the House crest: wisdom coupled with patience is a catalyst through which those who have mastered it have attained scholarship. The ancient Greek laurel represents peace and patience. It reminds the members of the House that they must seek to become the types of scholars who earned a crown through a peaceful greatness. The Corinthian soldier, whose helmet is at the top of the crest, was an ancient warrior who was both a citizen and a soldier. The House of Protos knows that they defend their House best by being the most upstanding citizens of their school and community overall.

ONRAKA - The House of Unity - This group of very special individuals is known for the way that they stick together through any and all challenges. They always behave as a team — like a family — that knows that any obstacle in front of them will not be able to hold them back if they deal with it together. If they all work together to lift each other up, then the whole team will be able to rise to new heights as one. The House does not believe, however, that being unified means being the same as everyone around them. Instead, the history of the land of their heritage, India, reminds them that unity in diversity is the true strength of the House. Each member is unique and different, and these differences are appreciated and even celebrated. They choose unity over everything, even with differences put aside. The bengal tiger is  the symbolic animal of the house, which is a quiet and consistent strength. It exercises great restraint in using its power until the time is right. Much like the tiger, Onraka earns its stripes by showing self-control in everything they do. This is balanced by the emerald dove, who reminds them that peace is a great strength as well.